1. joshuapollina:

skateboarding 2014


    skateboarding 2014

  2. transportationstations:

    if body parts are rearranged do they still make a body?

  3. superphreak:


    Gefilte Fish vs. The Band Phish

    hahaha this makes me happy…i love gefilte fish and phish

  4. *thinks about responsibilities* 

  5. unculturedmag:

     We’re in love. We just want to be together. What’s wrong with that?

  6. 1000scientists:

    Man on the Wire, Owen Humphreys

  7. rockandfloyd:

    The Velvet Underground 

  8. Album Art


    "Crown of Love" by Arcade Fire

    do you ever get that heart sinking feeling when you listen to a particular song? this is one of those songs for me. every. single. time.

    Crown Of Love
    Arcade Fire

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lingering slowly melting away
tossed with the salad and baled with the hay
pooling like water that drips from above
trampled by lambs pecked by the dove.